Monday, January 13, 2014

If you don't like the sight of blood...

then don't continue reading any further. 

It was not a normal morning. I got Indy and Emerson off to school, went to get back in bed to read my scriptures when I got a text from Indy. He said there was a deer stuck in our neighbor's fence.  I actually thought he meant across the street. Well, he meant our next door neighbor. And the fence is right outside our garage side door. 

It was not a pretty picture. The deer was still alive. It didn't impale itself. It was obviously jumping over the fence but its back leg didn't make it and then its hoof got caught in a rung. It had probably been stuck all night. Poor thing. You could tell it was really tired because it couldn't stand up any longer. I ran inside and called Orem Animal Control. They arrived within about 15 minutes. Obviously they had to put it down. 

Not a fun way to start my day…

Hopefully it snows sooner than later to cover up all that blood. 


Ryan said...

Just caught up with your past few blog posts. I have been so awful with posts for the past few months. I loved all the photos from the Ranch. Such a great place for Christmas. So glad you had a great visit with your kiddos. Nasty about the deer. We had that happen years ago at Mom and Dad's. There was gore on the fence for years after because no one wanted to clean it up. Kurt should make a mini zombie movie if the blood is still there. Hope your leg is healing from the surgery. I know Jani has had that. Wish we saw you guys more often. I should hopefully post something soon. I need to make my 2013 Best Of lists (even if it is halfway through Jan.)

Tyndall Lanny said...

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