Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 days......

Kurt has been gone for 10 days now. I think couples should not be allowed to be apart for that long. And it's not the most convenient time for him to be gone for so long-----not that it's ever convenient. We have only been able to talk for maybe 15 minutes total in the whole time he's been gone. I miss adult conversation!

Prom 2010 (Round 2)

A week after Orem's prom, Montana headed off to another dance at Timpview High School!
Thank goodness she was okay to wear the same dress the second time around! It's hard enough to find ONE dress. She did her own hair and makeup this time around. Although 20 minutes before Brad was supposed to arrive we were in a panic because she couldn't get the hair right. But it all worked out in the end and she looked beautiful----as always.

Look at the lift on that truck-----and she was wearing heels and a short dress!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prom 2010

Here she is all ready to go.
And here is her ride for the night.

What a great looking couple they make!

Beauty Salon

You could tell it was Prom day around here yesterday afternoon........lots of people crammed into the master bathroom, clothes everywhere, makeup covering the countertops, curling irons, flat irons, bottles and bottles of hair spray and every other hair product known to man!
Lindsey came down to play stylist and makeup artist to both Montana and Mo. She did such a great job and the girls were pleased with the results.

Almost ready!

Putting on the finishing touches.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Skate/scooter heaven

After spending Easter weekend with the Brian family, we met up with the Youngs every day for the rest of the week. Monday we hiked Camelback (no pictures....hmmm). It was very fun. The boys grumbled about it in the beginning but I think they enjoyed it when all was said and done. Of course, they were the first ones up and the first ones down the mountain. Tuesday we went to a skate park so some of the kids could skate and scooter. I think they were in heaven!
Emerson and Paige played a little catch.

Even Kurt got in on the skating.

Fun with cousins

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If you don't like the weather in Utah,

wait 5 minutes!
Luckily we have a couple hours for the weather to change today. Soccer games don't get cancelled so easily this time of year. Pray for sun!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday deliciousness!

Finn and Christy share a birthday so Katherine made them both this delicious strawberry shortcake trifle to celebrate! It was heavenly! Thanks Katherine!

Bike Ride

We decided to go for a family bike ride the day before Easter. It was such a beautiful day. We had to borrow a few bikes from neighbors because we had such a herd of kids!
Indy would not join the crowd for our group picture so we had to snap one of him all by himself!

We rode through Old Town Scottsdale to the civic center. We got more than a few looks with such a big group!

We played some football, soccer and frisbee on the lawn. What a great day!


We were lucky to be able to spend Easter in Phoenix this year! How nice it was to enjoy some warm weather. The kids just loved being outside. Montana wasn't able to come with us because she had to work....sad. But she spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa England.
We had a wonderful Easter dinner at Darin & Pete's house.

The kids had such a fun time hanging out and playing with cousins.

The adults also enjoyed spending time together. We missed those who weren't with us this time around!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday Boys

I'm sure I have posted these pictures of the boys before but I have no pictures of any birthday celebrations so far. Indy's birthday was on the first day at Woodward. The camp leaders announced it to the whole camp. I think he was more than a little embarrassed! I got cupcakes for their whole cabin that day. As for Finn, his birthday is tomorrow and we should be in sunny AZ to celebrate! I love these boys so much! I love that they are best friends and get along so well (most of the time)! I love to see how they change as they grow even though I wish I could slow it down! And I'm glad we had such a fun week together at Woodward.


Woodward West

I don't know if I was in a hurry to get on the road or what. But I got out of town for this trip with no camera! So the above picture is one of two from the whole trip! It's probably just as well because my boys were too embarrassed to have me even take their picture with my cell phone. I kept asking Indy if he wanted a picture with Chris Cole or Adelmo Jr. but he said no way!
All in all, the trip was a success and the boys would love to have a chance to go back. We left on Friday night and drove to St. George for the night. The next morning I wasn't in too much of a hurry. We stopped at the outlets in Vegas to do a little shopping which Finn and Indy usually love. But I think they were anxious to get to Woodward so they weren't too interested in shopping. The camp is located in Stallion Springs, CA which is just outside the little town of Tehachapi, CA. Tehachapi is about 1 1/2 hours west of Barstow. We had directions from the website of the camp so I was pretty confident we would be able to find it and I had made sure we had plenty of time just in case! Thank goodness we had the extra time because the directions were not very good. I had to be there at 6 p.m. for an orientation because I was working as a driver for the camp. We got there at about 5:40 p.m.---not too much time to spare! We had just enough time to put our bags in our cabins and get to the meeting.
Right off the bat I was worried about the whole experience! They had originally told me to go to the Lodge to check-in and get our rooms. When we got up there, no one was there. Luckily we saw someone else who was working at the camp and he helped direct us where to go. Then, the boys had nothing to do while I went to the meeting. Then, we hadn't eaten any dinner and the closest food was 20 minutes away in Tehachapi! And it was soooooo freezing cold! Luckily, after my meeting, they fed us some pizza (cardboard pizza I have to say). But we were so hungry that we really weren't complaining. At this point it was time to go back to our cabins and go to bed. We were all so tired that it didn't even matter that the beds were super hard and uncomfortable!
The next morning, we had to be at breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Camp didn't officially start until noon so the boys didn't really have much to do until then. Mid-morning I was sent to Bakersfield to run some errands which took me about 3 hours. By the time I got back, all the campers had arrived and things were starting to get going. We took a tour of the camp and the boys got to see all the facilties. From that point on, I didn't see Finn and Indy much except at mealtimes and when they would come back to their cabin to hang out. My cabin was right next door to theirs and I knew Indy was in his cabin because I could hear him coughing! The first night he wasn't feeling very well so he ended up going to bed really early---poor guy!
Each morning after that, the kids would wake up, eat breakfast, shower, etc and, then about 9:15, they would break into their various skill groups and have instruction from the instructors. At noon they would eat lunch. Then it was back to skating until dinner. Then skating, hanging out at the Canteen (bowling, video games, music room and food) or doing whatever they want until 10 p.m. What more could a kid want?
Finn and Indy were in a cabin with 12 other boys and 1 counselor. Their counselor's name was Jake. He was actually an LDS kids from Ventura who goes to school here in Orem at UVU. They really only hung out with 1 or 2 kids from their cabin. Most of the boys had the most foul mouths I had ever heard! Finn was really good and told them to please not swear in front of him. They do have rules about bad language at the camp but that doesn't always get policed very well.
There was one other driver at the camp besides me. His name was Dave and he was LDS too and from Las Vegas. He was a really nice guy. His son Trevor was there for BMX. I only had to take one kid to the hospital during my stay. It was the first day and he had broken his finger. The whole ordeal only took about 2 hours in all. They were really good at the hospital about speeding things up as much as possible knowing we were from Woodward.
There was one day at camp where I didn't do any driving at all which was not good! By that time, I had finished my book and so I had nothing to do. We weren't allowed to really go anywhere just in case we were needed for an emergency. And I could only watch the boys skateboard for so long! From what I understand from other drivers who come during the summer months, we got off really easy! I guess in the summer months there are a lot more injuries!
We're glad to be home and glad we got to have the experience. And, hopefully, the boys will be able to go back!