Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Nuss Procedure

Post-surgery. NO HOLE!

Indy's last week of summer was spent at Primary Children's Hospital getting a bar put into his chest. Not a fun process! As he has grown, he had developed a sunken chest or a "hole" in the middle of his chest. It must be hereditary because our nephew Camden had the same thing. Cam had the same procedure a couple of years ago. They perform the Nuss procedure to correct it. It involves inserting a metal bar into the chest. Then they flip the bar so it pushes the sternum out and into correct alignment. Simple procedure, not so simple recovery. All the people at the hospital kept telling me that this is one of the most painful surgeries they do. 

These wires were for the constant pain meds that were being pumped into his back. 

He has 2 inch scars on either side of his chest.

Our movie-watching positions.

This was Indy for  most of the 4 days we were in the hospital.
Managing pain after the surgery is the worst part obviously. The second day was by far the worst.  He was constantly nauseous.  Couple that with the pain of throwing up when you chest muscles have just been cut!!! Poor guy. He definitely regretted his decision to have the surgery a few days after. But, now that we are 10 days out, I think he is glad to have the worst part out of the way and happy with his results. 

He was technically supposed to be out of school for 2 full weeks but that didn't happen. After missing 3 days he was determined to get back. He went back last Friday and was there the whole day. I think the worst part was just trying to sit comfortably in the hard chairs! 

So glad he is recovering well and can't wait to have him back to full health!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thank you Whitney!!

Whitney Ferguson moved up to Issaquah last weekend. I was so happy to get a text and this picture today! The four of them got to go to lunch. Nothing makes me happier than knowing Whitney is there to look after her.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day

Our youngest child is a 9th grader! This should be a fun year for Emerson. She's in Student Council at Canyon View and, of course, keeping busy with soccer as well. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A new blog....

It took me a while but I finally did it. I set up a new blog for all of Finn's mission letters and pictures. It's a work in progress for sure but you can find it here.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Girl's Soccer

It's been a tense week for Emerson! 2 days of 2-a-day tryouts for Orem High soccer! Luckily all the worry was for naught because she and Paige both made the team! And I was JUST feeling sad that my days of high school soccer were over for a while......

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Letter #3 from Finn

Whats up?!
Happy birthday Mom! Ya, its a little late, but i can only email on thursday soo, i guess its not really my fault. You got a bike? Nice! Im jealous of you guys and your Powell trip, i bet it was sick! Thats sweet that Maddie came and said Happy Birthday! She told me about it, thats so nice. I got a PHYSICAL letter! From Grandma and Grandpa England! i was so stoked, I love them. I want to write them back, so im gonna try to, the stamps are expensive so you should let them know i got it and thank them for it for me. And i got another letter in the mail from Maddies dad! He sent me a really cool story, that i felt like it went along really well with missionary work, I read it to my companions and they liked it alot. If you see him around, tell him thanks too! I heard about Zach, i bet his talk was way good, im starting to feel a litle more accompanied now that more and more of the homies are getting mission calls and leaving on there missions and boot camp i guess. It feels like I just got here! The first week, was not good. The days felt like weeks, but now that im at the start of my third week here, its flying by! and i heard that it only gets better once youre actually out in the field. Theres nothing really new here in the MTC, same old stuff, day in and day out. My spanish is deflinately getting a lot better, you can just call me a native speaker cause im that good. Just kidding, not even close. Im starting to get along with my companions more and more, they bug the crap out of me sometimes, but i gotta learn to love em, thats all in the mission experience i guess. I did hear about Indys car! thats sweet! Is he getting surgery soon? And how about my room? Is he sleeping in there every night yet and wearing all my clothes and using all my stuff?
Anyways, im loving it out here, and my P days honestly feel like Christmas cause i get to check email haha.
Love you guys! Ill write soon
Oh and some things on the list of needs for McAllen, more Pens, like the pens that i got from the Sorensons. (Pigma Micron 005) Theyre the best for scripture marking. Red and black colors are best.
I had some other stuff i needed, but i cant remeber. Ill think of them and tell you later!

Pics from Finn

Finn's companions are the two guys just to the left of him. I'm assuming the one on his immedate left is the studier and the one with the glasses is the jokester. 

Elder Brian and Sister Nielson!!!