Sunday, December 21, 2008

18 Years!-Part 2

Hangin' out in the lobby of Deseret Towers
Our constant companion and chaperone, Scott Wares

Sam Hall Spring Formal 1988 in St. George

Kappa Spring Formal 1988

More dorm fun!
So the story continues.........
After our first date, we started to spend more and more time together. We would sit by each other in class and even walk to class together. About this time, Kurt started Sam Hall Pledge so he was not allowed to see me unless it was a club sponsored activity. So we would have to meet after curfew at various places around campus----mostly the tunnels near the Marriott Center. By this time, I was hooked! He was all I could think about. I was sick thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation knowing we wouldn't be spending as much time together. I don't think we saw each other during either of those school breaks. I remember talking to him on New Year's Eve while I was hanging out with my friends and the Holmberg's.
After we started winter semester we were only dating each other. It was such a fun time in our lives---carefree and non-stop fun (with a little studying in between!).
A few weeks into the semester, Kurt told me he was leaving for a few days to go waterskiing with his friend Dave Pearson. I was sick! He was literally only gone for maybe 4 days but I thought I was going to die! I was wandering around like a lost puppy. When he came home, he told me that he had gotten his mission call. I was so shocked because he had never even said one thing about turning in his papers or anything. I figured he would go on a mission but was surprised that he hadn't talked about it at all. It was then that I got a little dose of reality. I realized that our freshman year was not going to last forever.
In February of that year, during a school break, we went to San Diego with Mike Huish, Finn Jensen and some other friends. Mike's family was so nice to let us stay at their house. We went to Disneyland, Tijuana and the beach. Kurt paid for everything that whole trip. I was so embarrassed that he would pay for me! He was so sweet and fun. I have such great memories of that trip.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is how we looked when we started school fall semester of our freshman year!

Today is our 18 year anniversary! I seriously cannot believe we have been married that long. Even though it is so close to Christmas, Kurt and I usually make it a point to go somewhere at least overnight. We usually finish up any Christmas shopping we have to do. This year we stayed in Salt Lake. It was pretty uneventful! We didn't even go someplace special for dinner.

For many years we would eat dinner at the Ristorante Della Fontana. When we very first met in high school, we went to junior prom and ate at that restaurant. However, we weren't on a date with each other! I was with Shane Kelson and Kurt was with some other girl. So, anyway, it was a fun tradition for us to eat there every year. Unfortunately they closed the restaurant quite a few years ago.

I remember when I met Kurt our junior year I could not get past the hair! His hair was pretty big back then and I was not attracted to him at all. But I would notice him at football and basketball games through the last year of high school. Then, on the first day of school our freshman year at BYU, I was in the bookstore with my friend Gina. We were standing in line to buy some textbooks and I looked across the way and noticed Kurt. I immediately knew who he was and, though the hair was still big, it was big in a good way! What a difference a year had made. He walked over by us and I think I said something to him. He remembered me and we talked for a minute. As it turns out, we were both living in DT and we both had freshman biology. We would run into each other in the Morris Center and on the way to and from class.

Our first official date was on September 27, 1987. It was the Sam Hall Cowboy Party. I was so nervous. We had hung out a little before that but I was so scared to be on an official date. I don't remember much of the date other than Kurt rode a mechanical bull at the party and cut his finger. When I got home from the date, I noticed that I had blood all over the sleeves of my shirt from his finger.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crazy Eights Tag

Thanks Kaci! Here we go!

Favorite TV Shows
1. Survivor
2. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
3. Barefoot Contessa
4. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
5. Giada at Home
6. Hidden Potential
7. Oprah
8. The Hills

Favorite Restaurants
1. Magleby's Fresh
2. Carver's
3. Outback
4. Pizza Factory
5. Epic
6. Foundry Grill at Sundance
7. Ruth's Chris
8. Cafe Rio

Things I did yesterday (I did way more than 8 things!)
1. Ran on the treadmill-YUCK!
2. cleaned my room and bathroom
3. went to the grocery story
4. went to a 40th birthday party for Matt Rich
5. went to the mall
6. drove kids around
7. wished for more snow
8. drove kids around

Things I look forward to
1. more snow
2. skiing
3. Christmas at the ranch
4. kids being out of school for Chrismas break
5. this coming weekend
6. Kurt's 40th birthday
7. Montana getting her drivers license
8. family time

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ugly Sweater Party

Last weekend Jim and Gina Anderson hosted an ugly sweater party at their cabin in American Fork Canyon. We had dinner and played games and laughed our heads off! We always have such a fun time when we are with the Andersons. The Hunters, Joe and Courtney Magness, Dusty and Sommer Dastrup and a bunch of friends of Chris and Heather Anderson were all there.

Kurt borrowed his sweater from Paul Eagleston (who has ugly clothing for any occasion!). The sweater also came with a blond mustache which Kurt was too chicken to wear. I bought my lovely vest at Wal-Mart for $19.99.
Jim's pants were so tight that he could barely kneel down to play a game! You can't quite grasp how tight they were from this picture!

The lovely host and hostess-Jim and Gina!


Today is opening day at Sundance. We bought the three older kids season passes this year. Even I got a pass! My new skis are all ready to go. Unfortunately there is no snow! Kurt just called me from Sundance and said the only snow on the ground is man made and not very much of it. It is supposed to snow all day today but I haven't seen more than a very small flurry or two so far. Here's praying for a white Christmas!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skipping Thanksgiving....and possibly Christmas

No, not really. But you would think so if you were to take a look at this blog! Half way in to December and I realize I haven't even posted anything about Thanksgiving! I was caught so unprepared for this holiday season.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in St. George. Thanksgiving day was cold and rainy but the rest of the weekend was sunny and quite warm. Our family just bought a new home in St.George and this is the first time we were able to use it for a holiday. Everyone was there but Dave and Lindsey and Sunne and Flynn. We spent quite a bit of time shopping and doing odd jobs around the house. It is so great! The kids have a bunk room all to themselves. There are plenty of bedrooms for everybody. We look forward to spending lots of time there in the future. In fact, we will be down for a half marathon in January. I am sure it won't be warm and sunny then!