Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Bruners

Sister Bruner and I share those same unique thumbs!

Montana was recently transferred to Kirkland, WA. Her letters mention how much she loves her ward there---K4 as they call it. She says the members in the ward are so missionary-minded and so willing to help out at any time. Not even two weeks after she got there I got a random text on a Saturday night from a man named Wendell Bruner. He was a member in K4 and he and his wife were here in Utah visiting with family. He wanted to come visit with us. They had gotten to know Montana in the short time she'd been in their ward. And what an awesome visit it was! The Bruners are such great people! It was such a wonderful thing to know that they'd seen and been with Montana only a few days earlier. I sure appreciated the effort they made to come see us and tell us about some of the missionary experiences they have had with Montana recently. 

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