Monday, January 28, 2013

Preference 2013

Orem High's Preference Dance was Saturday night. Finn's date was Sierra Lawrence. Here are some random order. 
I'm loving that aqua background!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: An Epic Start

Our epic start to the new year actually started a few days after Christmas. My car needed to go in to the shop for a little maintenance. $750 later and one car taken care of. 

New Year's Eve: slick roads, a little too much speed and a bend in the road=MAJOR damage to Finn's car as shown in the above picture. $1800 later and 2 cars down.

On our way to church later that week we take a look at Montana's car and notice a giant scrape down the side. (It's not very visible in the picture.) 0$ later cause we are NOT fixing that and 3 cars down. AND this cute little car is going to get sold once Montana leaves on her mission anyway.

Meanwhile, Kurt's truck gets a little hit-and-run in the parking lot at work. ????$ and 4 of our 5 cars down. 

Since fun things like this usually come in 3's, I am hoping that we are good for the entire year!