Monday, July 26, 2010

Four weeks ago

It's really hard to imagine that it was four weeks ago today that Pat passed away. It seems so long ago and so recent all at the same time. It is still so weird to think that he is not here with us anymore. I love this picture of Pat & Sherry so much. This was only taken about a week before he died. We had gone to the creek for a cookout. It is such a blessing that he was feeling relatively well until just a few days before he died.
I am so glad we got to spend such quality time with him at the ranch.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

A few years back, when both sides of the family owned shares in different houseboats, we would get the chance to go to Lake Powell several times every summer. Now that NO family member owns any houseboat timeshares we only get the chance to go once a year or maybe not at all-----like last year! This year my mom and dad bid on a week's stay on a boat at Antelope Point at a charity auction and won. I love Antelope Point! It is a little bit farther but so worth the drive. How awesome is it to be driven by golf cart to your boat. The marina and restaurant are so nice.
So we spent the week on the Little Caribbean (pictured above). It was super nice. It had 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a washer and dryer, jet skis, hot tub, slide, kayaks and just about anything else you could ever want or need at Lake Powell.

By day 5 everyone starts hiding out from the sun.

Why does he want a picture of him taking a picture????
I-phone entertainment

Montana & Mo loving the tube.

a little cliff jumping
Indy and Camden getting ready to pull a wakeboarder.

Cam deciding whether or not to jump!


and oh, the water-weenie! I just think about riding on this thing and my whole body starts to hurt.

Baby Elliot's first trip to Lake Powell--she was an angel!

Cache and his beloved chocolate milk.

Will and Ethan

It was a great trip.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Luau

Emerson wanted to have a hawaiian theme for her birthday party this year. She planned it all out for me.
We grilled homemade pizzas and made lava flows.

Look at that group of girls!

They played volleyball, hula hoop and limbo.

Emerson even found a cake she liked online and then baked it herself.

We ended the night by watching Lilo and Stitch outside in the backyard. Happy Birthday Emer! Hope you had fun.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Skimboarding & Bocce

All good things must come to an end-----including way-too-short vacations. The kids spent our last morning enjoying a few last-minute activities.
The beach conditions were perfect for skimboarding.

Indy & Noah

Montana and Emerson got in a few games of bocce with Denny and Blake.

And Finn, Dylan and Bronson played their last game of SmashBall for a while.
We sure love our Hotel del Coronado tradition and we sure love the people we spend it with every year. See you in July 2011!

Foam Party!

All of the kids from the Mason party spend a lot of time in the hot tub every year because our rooms open up right onto the pool deck. Add that to the fact that the weather was so cool this year. So, one morning, one of the kids we won't name (not any of ours!!!!!!) decided to dump numerous bottles of hotel shampoo into the hot tub!
Voila------foam party!

The hotel staff drained the hot tub and it was off-limits for most of the rest of that day. But the kids sure had fun while it lasted!

4th of July Fireworks

Crew was excited to get to the golf course for pizza and fireworks!
The girls decked out and ready for the fireworks!

Finn and Indy waiting patiently for pizza and glow sticks.

Denny enjoying the festivities.

Brian doing what he does best.


More Coronado

I think the sailboats in the background look neat.
A little cheesy but Kurt looks good! Obviously I was laughing.
I love this one!

Family Photo

Every year, before we head off to the fireworks, all the families in the group meet near the front of the hotel to take a big group picture and individual family pictures. Can you believe the size of that group? I can guarantee the Hotel del staff gear up for the Mason party!
The Heatons

Last year our picture turned out so well that we used it as our Christmas card picture. Not the case this year....... Indy cannot, for the life of him, smile for any reason!