Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Break in Laguna Beach

We just got home from spending a week in Laguna Beach for Spring Break. We headed down on Saturday the 12th after Emerson's dance recital. We didn't leave Orem until about 10:30 p.m! Kurt was up for driving all night-after a Red Bull and a Mountain Dew Amp! 9 hours on the dot later we arrived in Laguna. The kids thought that was great to go to sleep and wake up at Derik and April's house.

Tuesday we spend the day at Disneyland. I think we saw half of Utah County there. It was crowded but the longest line was only about 30 minutes. The kids had a great time. My favorite ride is still California Screamin'. Emerson LOVED the Tower of Terror!! (jk) The first ride we ran to as soon as we got to the park was Finding Nemo. But the line was an hour and 15 minutes long!! So, needless to say, we still haven't ridden that ride.

The rest of the week was spent at the beach in Emerald Bay. The kids had a ball. Friday night we had a barbecue at the beach with Derik and April's family and Brett and Christy and their girls.

Montana came into town on Wednesday night. She came in with her friends Brooke and Monique. They had flown in from staying at Atlantis in the Bahamas. Monique's parents took all 3 girls there on vacation the previous week.

We got home early Sunday morning. Kurt was anxious to get back home------I was not! Being gone for that long made me feel like it was summer. So I was not ready to come home to get thrown into schoolwork, soccer and church duties! Anyway, it was a great vacation! Thank you Derik and April!


So now we have arrived! We have a blog! I don't know how well we will do with this! Kurt is really the writer in the family but we'll see if he ever posts anything without me asking him to first. I feel better about creating some sort of family history that is not on video.